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Frost River - Back Bay Lumbar Pack


The Back Bay Lumbar Pack is sizable, meant to haul a lot while keeping the load comfortably situated on your hips. A durable and breathable cotton web pistol belt slides through a sleeve at the back of the pack, while cotton web load transfer straps cinch the pack to the belt for a stable carry. The transfer straps form a Y to stabilize the load across two rows of web daisy chain that cross the front of the pack. The daisy chain offers multiple attachment points: string some cord to carry a layer, attach accessories or clip a carabiner. At each end of the Back Bay are drawstring ECO pockets that provide a spot for water bottles or smaller things you’d like to keep close at hand. Hidden behind the ECO pockets are sleeves that allow the load transfer straps to be threaded behind the pocket, close to the pack, for ease-of-access to the pockets, or wrapped around the pocket for an exceptionally stable carry.

The Back Bay features a large main compartment with padded back and sleeve, plus several internal attachment points. The front offers a slim zippered slip pocket for smaller items. Daisy chain inside the pocket mirrors the exterior webbing and help with organization of pens, tools, chemlights and other small items you might need.On the bottom of the pack are two low profile bridle leather lash squares, perfect for a small bedroll, tarp, tripod or other larger piece of gear.Sturdy, solid brass D-rings at the end of the heavy-duty main zipper provide attachment points for a shoulder strap. Two small tabs at the back of the pack provide options for stowing the load transfer straps when not in use. The lash squares, web attachments and D-rings keep the Back Bay versatile, as a standalone piece of equipment, or attached to an Isle Royale Jr, Mini, or other mid-size pack.Whether you’re on a portage, on a bike, on cross-country skis, or exploring the back 40, the Back Bay Lumbar Pack is a versatile companion that’ll adapt to most any adventure and keep your gear close.


12in W x 9in H x 5in D, Pack Body • 3.75in x 3.75in x 6.5in, ECO Pockets

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