Leather Works Minnesota

Dad's Billfold - Mahogany


This is it: the basic, simple, bifold wallet. It might not seem exciting at first glance, but like a good dad, it’ll always be there for you. It will hold up to whatever life throws its way. This is the wallet gas money and allowances come out of. But this is also a clean, minimal wallet with a slim profile that disappears into a suit pocket. Because dad cleans up nice and can still turn heads.

The Dad’s Billfold features two secure, inward facing pockets--so your cards won’t ever slip out by accident--and generous billfold has capacity for all the cash you need.

Dimensions: 4 1/8" X 3 1/4"

*Card slots will expand over time as additional cards are added. Expect a snug fit at the time of purchase.

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