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Frost River - Bazaar Tote


Marrakesh, Morocco - Jmaa el Fina bazaar: sunlight streams over the Atlas Mountains, spilling into the market square of the medina, or old town. Old men drink strong coffee in a an outdoor cafe as a mangy cat waits for scraps. A few drums have already started when the wail of the muezzin calls the faithful to first prayers. Soon the market will turn into a throbbing mass of humanity and spectacle — ragtag acrobats perform amazing balancing acts, tarot card readers predict fate, turbaned snake charmers coax pet cobras, vendors of exotic fabrics haggle and hawk.

The Bazaar Tote is at home here, but it also makes a great oversize purse, baby bag, or grocery getter in your neck of the woods. Four snaps with leather tabs secure the top, twin leather straps are adjustable for length. Inside there's a zippered pocket for valuables. A great bag to tote on travels near and far.

Available in Heritage Black as well as Field Tan, the Bazaar Tote lets you choose which environment to blend in with, and which you'd like to carry with you. In Heritage Black, it's professional, sleek and understated. Heritage Black features all the same high quality materials as Field Tan, leather from Red Wing, MN, waxed canvas and solid brass hardware. It's built right from the start in Duluth, MN in solid black and antiqued solid brass. Here's a tote bag you'll enjoy for decades to come.

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