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No. 32 Hip Bag - Black



We proudly named the No. 32 Hip Bag after Minnesota being the 32nd state to join the Union. This bag captures the spirit of its namesake with the perfect balance of fashion and function. The No. 32 will conveniently carry your phone, wallet, and other essentials while you explore the thousands of miles of trails, the 10,000 lakes, and the hundreds of parks throughout the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota. At the end of a long day of hiking and adventure, the No. 32 Hip Bag will remain the perfect companion as you relax in one of the many great restaurants, hip breweries, or luxury hotels we boast here. Whatever neck-of-the-woods you call home, the No. 32 Hip Bag will be right by your side.

Features a double sided 1" strap with a Stainless Steel roller buckle for easy adjustment. The body is a supple, pebble-grain, Napa leather. The belt and flap made from the same full-grain leather we use for our wallets and provides a nice contrast to the body. A twist closure on the flap conceals an 8" zippered pocket with leather pull for easy use and added security.

The removable belt allows the No. 32 to be converted for use as a clutch.

Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 5 1/2"

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