We are excited to grow in our services by launching our Promotional program. leather is a natural material made from the hides of animals. just as no two animals are exactly alike, no two pieces of leather are identical. in addition to its own genetic heritage, each hide bears the little nicks and scars that marked the animal during its lifetime. these natural characteristics are not defects and are considered marks of distinction in full grain leather, adding to the unique appeal of each finished product. Any items from our product line can now be manufactured with your corporate logo debossed. please send your promotional inquiry to


our art department requires that all artwork is camera ready, eps or vector file,  and black and white. if the artwork supplied is not properly formatted and rejected, we will return the file to you for adjustment. we recommend finishing in adobe illustrator to meet proper standards for die manufacturing. we charge a one time $50 fee for die manufacturing. 

please indicate the exact size of your artwork when providing the file. 




Artboard 2.png