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Classic Belt 1 1/2" - Natural


We call it classic for a reason. Classic never goes out of style. You can wear this belt in the office, at the jobsite, or at a wedding. It doesn’t matter. You’ll look good and the belt will get the job done whether you’re hanging tools from it or holding still for that family portrait.

Our Classic Belts are cut from 8-9 oz. hides. It’s one solid piece of leather. We triple stitch the buckles on, and we reinforce the keeper with a rivet. That means it’s not going to wear out, break in half, or come apart after six months like some of the belts you’ve purchased in the past. Choose between stainless steel, solid brass, or antiqued solid brass buckles to complete your look.


Before ordering a belt, please refer to our belt sizing guide

We DO NOT accept returns or refund belts as they are made to order and once they have been tried on they cannot be resold. 

**Measure current belt (if possible) from the center of the buckle to the hole that is used.

**We size our belts in true inches which will generally be 2" to 3" larger than your pant waist size.

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